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so i really had no plan, go to vecenza and grab a hostel mayeb to sleep. i ended up staying at the house of the venice boy i met in rome with his family, even though i dindt knwo them and they werent couch surfers. but hey trust your ut. they are abosustely wonderful! the oparents are learning engsish so we teach eachotehr and the bortehr hangs out with me while mario (veince boy form rome) works. its nice cuz its not a real tourist city just beuaitful so we jsut hung out and instead siet seeing. trvealing can be tried go go g oing all the time. weve rteid lots of the main stream food even seafood :( and spritz which most pplhave at liek 7 its an aoclholic orange drink they havea ocupel hours beofre they eat. its werid too ive noticed every house has key loskc for there doors. bathroom doros windows cubaords even. little odl fashion keys to lock the dorrs. and the light siwtches are very low and almsot no one has a dryer some have dishwashers and plently have garages taht you manully lift up. ppl are like stereotypical ittalin as you go north. the south is eveyrhting we think they are the north, wlel the fmilay im staying with is blonde with blue eyes and pretty tall. in teh south ppl are much more touchy and outoging appraching starnegrs and shoutign ciao bella togrils, where here they are much more resvers/resputful depsing on who you are. ive had os many good talks! i love trvael cuz you can talk with anyone. locals think yoru cool cuz your forgeign other tourisrt are glad to see toruistss, ive had a few conversiaon with local who aks where im form cuza tehy traveld a year in canaada and love to talk about it. anywhere you go your not alone. i rmeber when i todl ppl i was going alone they said wont you be loenly.. no guys i meet ppl imnot gonna be a hermit. its actully easy here not to be cuz your not shy. mario cmmendt that hes not shy at all with me cuz im elaving so soon. irts easy to live out each day when you only have that one day or two. evegrything has been fanstic eveyrhitng i wanted! and more. im stopping in mailno for the nightlife which i havent really had eyt then off to frnace a new counrty new langueg new ppl.. its weird itainls are easy for engslih than france cuz french ppl tend to lie and say tehy odnt knwo what your syaing.. hmm well see itll be inetrtetsing. oh yes and the littel man..... i lost sedgwick. et to take a fuzzy gnome picture i and couldnt fin him :( i wnet ot slepe and woke up (at noon by the wya im all over the place the day beofre i wok eup at 6! and today at 745!) and the fatehr had foudn him in piences on the driveway. appprently i dorpped him geting in the car and then wed rove over him... but the aryerh glued him all back toegetrh and you can hardly tell!!!! i was very happy about this. all is amzizng.. and yes im alive :)


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