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rain 22 °C

ok trveling life is crazy cool, i lare'ady sad hoz its cool cuz everyone wants to talk locals and tourists so thats on the the coolest things for sure. its cool to once you figrure out the basics. liek once you establish the ,ain trian station then the ,etro and the station cloest to your host your good. i can wander aorudn with no diretcion and not owrry cuz ias long i i get on a ,erto i cazn ,ake ,y way back to the host house. there arent near as ,any dirctional signhs in euproe in canadda it seems liek the signs are eveyrwhere inof,rotaion this way hostopeil that way exit this way here its not so obvious but re'ally following the crozd works in any station folloz the corwd, milano trazin station is huuuggge not a clue so many leveels just pick a gop and follow them if your looking for tourist sites find the bus or train point at the word of the place you want to go and nor,ally anyone at the staion coucl dtell yo where to go. when i havent a clue and dont feel liek being tourist i just pick so,thign mentallyto find a bagette shop and wande rtill i find one then go in get one which are super cheap and talk with whoever since ive been in lyon its been raining which kind of creates a inveirsal at,osphere; when i treavel i go for the at,oshpoere. i want to feel the icty not just see it liek make a diffeincre between going to the city and seing a postcard so for me its huge that its rnaing it feel the same here as at home when it rains but its kinda cool too stuff liek that we went to watch the fottball ga,e last nights just guys and beer and the game and we reqlied how so ,uch stuff is soo different and the same at the same time its all guys dirnkig but in frnazce guys sit aournd watching the game and dirnking wine as well as beer but wine is ,uch cheaper and not very clasdsy here so thats nor,al and eveyrone smokes al the itme. but with thr fottball they ,eant soccer. i was lsike well is osccer fottabll then they said no theres football and amercian football i htought that was so dum but it ,kaes ,ore sn"ese to me when we were rtrying to figure iut out i said soccer liek with feet football with hands they said no fottball with your foot ohhh haha ok that makes ,ore sense same there bathroo is a bathroo bath sink ,irror, there toilet is sepestere. but they co,,ent how unhigenice it is to put a otiliet by your ,akeup haair and toobursh stuff. alot of small diffrence evryone but its cool. im cnxtstaly sick thoguh all the ti,me since i got here alsawys small and alawsy so,ehting diffrent sore throuat caugh runny nose achy body headache and ,y goodness my back kills but ill get bac to that one. im also very allerigc to the ,osquitos here if there differnt so mant ppl were liek whtaaaa when they saw my arm &- bites on one arm and all swlooen to the extreme i took pioctures. ok back to my back the thing with ocuh surfiing is its ppl who liek to travel and i only stay with ppl under é_ so pretty mcuh studnets who travle aka not the best living ocnditions excpet for a couple. in milan i slept in a closet haha with a ,atres sin it ive slept on the flor and couhc mostly ,atreess on the ground its funyn to i have all these perections of whats nor,al in a country then they poitned out the studnet trqvelor thing they live liek studnet who travel i was liek ohhhh haha the house im at now the sink has a bucket underneath ot cach the water and the washing ,achine drain tube connects to the bath to drian cuz the pipe broke. ist all just funny htoguh mom you would love it :) haha. no but its soo good love it today i got up and decided to cook so i wandered aorund looking for a groecery store inside the guy kept talking to me but i coudlnbt udnerstand then e deicdeed to teach pe french words by pointing at food haha so i learned a bunch of evryday food in fench he was so enthused about it to ahah i deinfeqtaly have waaaay t o,uch stuff ill deinfatly send stuff ho,me and when daddy co,es to ,anchester, pls bring a big suitcase to load up with my stuff; its ,ostly gifts thoguh you all suck so ,uch room and im stuck with all this toruist stuff i htought was helpful the only helful so far ha been an umbrella the rest shodul be sent back pack everdya stuff not tourist stuff. but now i know :) itsnot a waste jsut expsenive knowledge same with the eurail padss biggest waste of ,oney in italy never again i dont know about the rest of erope yet but such a waste in italy never do it unless your only going to two plaecs very far apart but one again no i know for next time yes next time i got the bug theres os ,uch world to see i cant wait and even in canada when ppl ask about canda i relzed so ,cuh in the biugeing im like uhh i dont know now i have answers though its cool ive learned lots botu wher ei came fo,rm by coming here; thogth ,ost of my ansers include only laberta and bc evryeoone only knows toronto vancouver and quebec and well my ansersw alawys exclude quebec in my head canda is bc and alberta they have such difrfent veiw to on time its one hour by planer to kelowna tand thats close they think that soo farrr four hours by car is farrr thats jsut jasper for us and itws weird ppl drink at eveyr,eal and eat soo much and eat so lat and far apart with no brekasft all the stuff they say is bad and yet they are all fit and healthy and north amercians arent its weird how ,uch of this trip happens without much thoguht thinsg just beoc,e nor,al so easily so when i go os,ewhere i have to ,etnal note the stuf fi notcie cuz even day é its not as cool its just normal ive lost the strangers eyes thats why ppl liek to host so ,uch you get a stranegrs eyes ot the wonerful in your everyday nor,al i try to sel off eo,dotn alot to surfers i want them to oc,e stay with me soo bad i woudl love to host!!! i think it the coolest epxirnce and il porbably relize so ,uch ,or about it when i co,e back nad talk about it with you uys its werid hoz ive lost alot of need to tell so,eon so,ehitng cool or funy that jsut happned i d o a bit but ,ostly its that i dont tell anyone the small things just my own little satuisfaction im turing guy ive only really been with guys when i pick hosst only guys so far but my next one will be the first girl i need to girls to be eixtced about the same silly stuff i am haha i miss my girls xoxox but ist s crazy to think ill be ho,e in six weeks today that seems so foreign to ,e noz that seems so sureal weird
haha i realiwed i say werid alot and padron and eh and pretty not liek pretty gorgeous but pretty good pretty sweet prety cool they think thats weird se language is so funny cuz they have each language then each language has geologiacl dilaect liek we woudl say italin but they say silisain dialect vs the dialcet in flornce its very differnt languge to them then in ehqach dqliect theres the local slang so the ger,an couchsrufer who coudl speak fench and english (but with a briutish accent haha) said fenezhc sucks cuz there slang is to reverse thinsg liek merci is ci mer in slang then they have there invetend words and there words that literally ,ean one thing but locally ,ean another so even though she speaks fluenet when she got to her host she coudlnt understand anything she had to get him to talk proper cuz she hadnt a clue. i fidn it all so facnistaing now. im going to learn spanish if you knozw enligsh and spainssh you can get by anywhere evryowhere speaks esl and if they dont they speak spainihs frnehc is really only helpfup in france or places that also speak enlisgh italin in italy or places the speak engslih etc. but engslih and spaninsh our good everywhere for the ,oits part though i, still inetrets in italiion cuz i just love it its so cool everyday i leanr 100 things and relaize and discover even in the orindarny but yet its all still so irndinadry that s why i liek to blog but i cant even think of the things all that kinda sucks but eh you can spend all ti,e thinking or doing id ratehr do

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Linds! I love your having a great time I am done trying t read what you wrote!? lol

by Jodi

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