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so i thoroughly apologize for my absence. to make it up ill even spell check :)
i think i left off from lyon, but since then
i just dont even know
i havnet had time to write and when i did i just felt to alive to take time to write down stuff just felt liek it couldnt do it any justice. i went to lille france then in rotterdam then amsterdam where i met up with evan peter alex and gabby then to oosthem also in holand and im now in paris about to leave tommorow or the next day. i dont really know what all to say. i guess ill start in paris and work back so im here with a friend from green bay (the summer camp i worked at) by total fluke. just a random connection and its been so good pairs is the one city i waas warned about they said your fine everywhere but paris so its nice to be with a close firned. and weve seen it all all the sites as well as the food and the side roads and we went to parties and stayed at home a bit of everything we decided to go to the top of the effel tower walking one day which by the way it had been 33 everday with humidity so more like 35 and the day we went to go it happened to be pouring rain and porbably 19; plus side there was also,t no line and we didnt get heat stroke :) down side the steps were wet and sebastien also,t fell and smashed his headand the view, it was insane we got to the top (which to our dismay you can only go up two flights then have ot take a lift) and when we got there we looked out to this view of paris.... it was ...well nothing haha the top of the tower was in a cloud. we coudl see nohting but fog but it was stargely humorous. we befreiended some auzzies and poked some fun, even htough ill never know what the city looks like from 300 m. k i dont know why its so hard for me to blog it all seems so irrelevent on paper... ughh. i dontknow ive seen the coolest stuff but the best times have been the spur of the moment things. i climed out a window i snuck on the roof of the hostel i sat on the bridege under the train as it went over head i spent an afternoon wathcing brids i went to the beach i masted a sail boat i felt with high shcool friends in amsterdam in the red ligth distrcit ive learned how to ride a ducth bike though with much difficutly i used sex shops as land marks ive had the best conversations ive been in the most unforgettable situtaions ive had good times with those i cant communicatewith ive been stuck with no where to go ive rode on a crotch rocket screaming im on top of the world ive gone gone star gazing ans made a wish on a shooting star ive slept under the stars ive smoked sheesha ive spent full days riding the train doing nothing but staring out the window listening to music ive talked to those i never would have and not held back ive wandered and gotten lost and ive used my own head to fidn my way again ive spent threes hours in a cafe talking with the regulars at a morrocan store and ive had this same stupid grin thorugh it all. coming to paris a cute american boy sat acorss from me to the right and the whoel time he must have just thought i loved him cuz i ^play the song run away by love and theft and freedom by them and the line " ive got a stupid grin on my scruffy face" just makes it smile wider cuz its too true. thorugh all this the greatest thing i think ive done is decide to keep doing this. ive decidng on dropping out of shcool in spetmber working more and going trvaleing with holly for six months. i origanly had this idea that even taking this past gap year was too much that even then i was "losing" a year. ive now realied that for me just the oppostie is true. i met a german gril who did the same thing at 19 went to go travel and she hasnt stopped shes now 23. i (porbbaly to blunty) asked her when shes gonna start living her real life to whiwh she replied that this is as real as life gets she lives more then anyone at home. i met another guys whose 28 and parties liek hes 23 when he was 23 he had his life in order his own business house car girlfriedn of 4 years etc. he was constantly ammened for his "beyond his years" wisdom and how succefsul he was so young. now he wonders why at 28 every tells him to stop acting 23 but at 23 no one told him to stop acting 28 i met a guy in a train station about 55 id say. i asked him why he was tarveling you know business vs. travel. he told me he was running away after laughing i realized he was serious i tried not to pry but was far to cruious. he had a wife and kids at home and said it was all too much.. hed go back but not yet. he said he was too young then. most of what i just said would have no affect of ppl, but this trip has showed me it all means the world to me. i have reliazed i loove the phases of life. 8 is awesoem at 8 14 at 14 you all know i cant wait to be a mother have a job fa,ily kids house, but life has soo mcuh to offer. i want it all. all in its phase. i want all that but not yet. theres a song lyrics "excited to go not quite ready to leave" ahh it just makes me feel so alive i feel liek theres been this whoel secret world hidden from me for so long and now ive found it but its so much cooler that i foudn it myslef. when i talk on the phone i can only really say how awesome i feel. i have ordinary days that are needed i have conversation with no dpeth that are much appritaced. its nbot liek its some non stop rollercoaster but, wow. whats its doing for me... im an eveyrthing gril i liek theo drink and dance as much as i like to talk philsoshy as much as i liek to screw the deep stuff and just have fun travel has taught me so much about what i need and want etc etc the whoel speil. the discover the world deiscover yourslef thing. but its true and its sweet ok theres my speilll love you alll

btw i fell in love with a european boy

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Okay, Im a little late on reading this.. but this is absolutely amazing!!!

by Jenny

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