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gnoma in roma.

far too amused.

sunny 32 °C

ill sum up rome:
my first host was very good to me very genrous paid for eveyrthing really took me paces. thoguh he apaoligized for bailgin the last ngiht he forgot he had his grandma britdhay or somehting of the sort. he invited me but no thanks. i sent out an sos and so many roman hosts offered me a place.they like blondes haha i took one with otehr surfers form poland turkey and beliguim. soo funny sorry this blog will be very scattered. i dont wnat to be behind but im alresady in flrocence. in rome i saw the vatcian museum, i took somany pictures with my gnome and ppl thoguht it was the funniest and cutest thing they ever saw. in genreeal you wlka by and they just ocmment so much on yoru bueaty and its so weriddd. im far to amsued by it all i wlka aroudn with a funny little grin when i went to st. peters basillica, the biggest church in the world and deinfetqly most magnificent, i wearing wearing long shorts but they didnt cover my knee. i met a lady form hoio and a guy form hawii in the line and we hung out. wehn i got refused the lady ofefred me her sweater and we made quite the scene trying to make me look modest... i love it cuz i dotn use maps or anything when im here i jsut wander tilli make it where im going andi t hasnt failed me yet. even rnaodm off center roads. and i met so many ppl. i met these boys form venice who i thoguth were amercian. but full blood italian. apprnetly you can still be tall with blue eyes. only one guy coudl speek ebglish though so that was quite fgunny my italiain has imporved gretaly i can make my way aroudn and even pick up some worss in conversation. i also aksed for a cpiture with a cop who ened up aksing me out. and eventhough i said id say yes to everyhting this fell under the agianst intistcnt vibe so i tok his numebr and left. all romans are so funny. it staretd to rain and i didnt have an umbreall and a guy walked up with one over my head and sadi chow bella hi beiiuftaul and then asked me out hah its jsut so weird being so rare here. i met some candians who i was suposed to go out for breaksfats with but my hsot ened up setting the alarm worng and i was half an hour late and they were gone.. that kinda sucked. the first time i went out i coudl nothave looked more tourist runenrs shorts bakcpack cap. i reliazed that is so poitnelss as we dont do that at home. so now i go out in the cotehs i bought with my purse, i dont even use a map and i only lookat the guidbook at the biging of the day. my lats day in rome i picked up and newpapaer and was wearing my wroman clotehs and a sales guy started to talking to me in itailn. i told him lo paolo itialno poko. menaing i only speak a bit. hes liek what your not a local' ahha ist weird eevryone speaks engslihmostly. so mahy cnadian and americans are the sales ppl. rome was soo amaizng deifnetaly wantt o go back!! but the eat suppepr so late like 9 oclock to 11 even the kids stay up. i loveed it all som uch. im now in flronce with a new host. itaialn with a vespa :) yeah no big deal i rdoe on a vepsa :) ii was so mad thoguh the first tiem we went out ont he vespa the firts time my batetry died. the second time we had taken my meomeory catrd out to show him my pcitures. it was just one of those days. even so with the late alrm clock and rush i didtn ch3edkc the ocmpeuter to find out where to meet my host in flronce. toguh i didnt realzie this till i wa sin lfornce with no compuetr no meeting poitn and not even a name. i shosul have knwon but it was one of those days as i said. but i didnt fret bjust wioated arpoudn ifnront of my tran spot and after half and hour he came by. i apparently was suppoese to take antoher triaqn somehwere and meet him but when i didnt come he stopped by. see it all works out mom no need to worry eveer. :) i also learned that whenyour dont knwo who your meetuing or where odnt walk up to itailns who miggght be your host and say are you looking fo rme ahha. i woudl have asked are you angeloo but i dindt have a name.. not a good idea ahha but its all good eveyrhting wokrs ouyt evrrywhething is amaizng and ownderful love you allll

ye si apoaligiuze you cant read half im soryr im in a rushhh

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