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when een roooma!

overcast 26 °C

im alive

and well

still care?

i figuree most of yo just need to know those two for th rest of you ill keep going...

my days:
day one: my flights were good. i had this crazy good plan to counter jet lag. it truned out being that i staye dup taking with my seat mate then tried for an extreemly uncomfortable two hour sleep. but it turned out that i have no jet lag anyways. im a lucky girl in more ways then one so far. before getting on the plane fomr rome to toronoto i was trying to figure out how to get fomr the airport to basillia san paolo using the local trian system instead ot ones that erial passes cover. meiang i didnt coutn on in and didnt have a clue. so somene offered to help me. he ened up wiating for me at the otehr end of the lfight and paying for a taxi for me to meet my host. i know eh? soo gretful. then i met my host who was wokring at the restuant he manages. he treated me to a lunch at his esturant (and after the non food i had on the airplane i was starvved) so i then proceeded to have two pasta dishes, two meat dishes with potatoes and tera masoo (spelling?) i forgot what itailns are famous for... i wasnt hungry any more to say the least. we went back to his place which is absolutely bueatiful. ill be sure to take pictures. with a garden and coolest tradtion old italain kitchen. he gave me a quick tour of the main sites so i have a bette idea when i head out tommorw. then he took me to a water spa. and i cuz hes someone specail cuz tehy said your firend is our guest and i got in for free. i wont explain it now but soo cool i felt liek a million bucks after. we then went for supper at his retusrnaut with his friends at ten pm! the ormal apprently is 9 or ten. but that was fine i wasnt extacly hunrgy. then two of the girls who ate with us wer en their last night in rome so we wnet out till two in the morning at a smaller club. and then came home.

day two: today we woke up at one haha then went to the beach... ont he mediteranean sea. sooo beautifu. then saw some noon tourist sites then relaxed well go for supper later and then to a bggger club. we pln to sleep outside in his yard tonight if the weatehr is good.

my thoughts:
itaisn drive soo crazzy lanes mean nothing thoguh they are painted and eveyrone dirves so fast and cuts in and out my taxi went 180 in a 70 zone. four cars drive side by side where theres lanes for two.

trees are so cool. they cut the branches as they grow so they are striaght and tall with just a cloud top of trees.

all our top 40 songs still pay on the radio whih i like thoguh i have foudn a few favoirte itailns songs for sure.

i love the way itaialns talk. so entushed and warm and animated. lats night at dinner the tabel bisde us was .. wow. soo loud shushing the whole place to make huge speeches. not huge as in long but hugs as in example. they apprnetly had ose porbeml with their tom tom ( yeah the gps) so they ha d a big speail then woudl yell tom tom which soudned liek t-tooommm then veyrone woudl chime back. very disturbive to say the leats. woudl never happen at home. but sooo coool. so ivloved and warm with everyone.

i apprnetly say everything incrbelibe cute in italian. which im sre means awful. i giev credit to those speiaking another language. now they say it i say it back and they laugh im like they atcully soudns the same. but then with my host christain we tease all the time now saying ohhhh you mean thattt. he says the coos i say what cooos evetually i foudn out he meant course. some are easy he says fink isnetad of thing ome istead of home. but when he says low and means law i havent a clue. we deiced todya hell only speak italin to mean then ill ask questions and get hism to say enligsh after. i really wnat to learn. i know eveyrthing mostly ends in a and o. a is gril o is male

my host is aweosme so friendly and helpful very italain. more then gernous to say teh very least. and he didnt work today which he mornally does but he works the rest of the time on and off at his restuant so its a godo balance between having him help me and relaly putting msyelf out there. i asked if it was safe to walk aorudn alone. he burst out luaghing.. its not liek argentina.. haha ohh apprently rome is very very safe. so im excited for tommorow. and alot of ppl do speak minimal english so ill be ok. (mom.. odnt worry ill nevver wlak aournd alone anywhere and im also weairng a chastity belt )

ok theres mey speil im sure i forgot a hundred things but i said a thousand so i dont think ill ear complaints.

baci & abbracci (bashi eh abrachi is how its said) (kisses and hugs)

ps. im always gonan be in a rush writing these and you knwo the way my brian works. im probably not gona cut details just sto spell check. my brian spits it all out and pretty fast so it will be a word scramble. deal with it :)

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