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whose number 11?

..thats my brother :)

rain 23 °C

so manchester was...rainy... and cold haha bnig change from montpellier with palm trees and plus 33. but it showed me going to ediburg was porbably not what i wnated (way fsartehr north) so im now in britsol. in manchester i stayed first with a host.. many stories there... and then with my dad. i went to my first game to watch alex in the worlds lacrosse champoinsh. and alex scored the first goal :) proud sister. and some girls in fornt were ocmmenting on him whose number 11 and i got to cvhime in, alex jones.. my bortehr no big deal.. and everyoen was liek oh really??!?! all exicted. when i bought my ttciekt for the gamew and then left i ruined the ticket by siting on it in the rian so i went ot get a new one where they gave me the worng one.. thwe one for the next game :) so i got a nice two for one. which the second game went overt 8 8 incredibaly exicting. then i came to bristol. its warmer here, at leats the sun shines. saw some great sites met tones of ppl here. a cute little couple who got lost int he same area we made t back togeetrh a wiondow cleaner man a hoemless lady who i went for supepr with. and my hostel is fileld with mant youth with little birtsih accents :) im now off to london tommorwo. k its kicking me off love you all xoxoxox

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