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the art of getting on sold out trians & umbrella walking

....the little is is broken :(

rain 20 °C

im not in an ineternet cafe in lyon france, apperntly i unplugged the inetrent cord at ,y hosts house and ze cant get it to work:S but these cafes are everyzhere and only one euro for an hour ish. but he keyboard thoguh pretty similar has just engouh chnages to ,ake typing very hard, though ,aybe cuz i have to conciously think about it you guys will notice my i,proved typing. i arrievd the day before yetruday late at night. i was in milano which even toguh isnt in my opion the most bueaitful or inetretsing or with the most sites is probably where id live in italy if i did, plus there duomo ( the ,ian church in each itailn city) lokos liek a movie ice palace. while there i was warned of the :free: gifts ppl give you that arent free and yet i still got suckered in; i walked by a black guy with a brcelt and he offere di said no he said no no its free i said no he said no take it you look just liek my sister and well hes black so i doubt that but he kept talking and evetunally had it tied on my wrist then asked for a slmall donation, htoguh its very non threting you still have to even just (à cents but of cours ei only had a 2 euro coin...milan is a great mix of co,,ercial fashion buisniess prks histroy i loved it the have a store la resisancet or so,ehting thats all the main brands liek è stoires each with liek bags or shoes or etc. when i went to get my train they infor,ed me it was sold out i already arrnegd with the host i was with and my next host that i woudl be no that trian so that was majorly inconveint; note to self book international triains ahead of time. he said there was nothing to do and the next trian wa the next day at 6 am we were then told that you can ask the conductuer if he can squeeze you on, ze asked on ewho said no and on ewho said yes just that i ,ay have to stand if so,eone c,es whose seat i, istting in. i only had to ,ove once in a six hour ride :) on the train a little french boy talked with me he was sittign with his grnqpret and bored out of his ,ind he just turend 17 but oh well good co,pany. plus almost eveyrone ive ,et has been 26-30 so it was nice, everyone thinks i, so old here i guess cuz im travveling the add a couple years, only 20 or 21 but thats got alot on 15 and16 at home. i arrived at what i thoguth was my stop in lyon france whiwhc was actaully a stop early, so i had to to find a phone to call my next host and ask what to do i had to wait a while then take a pretty decent bus ride to a station then tqke the :tube: (the merto subway) and finally ,et uyp with them at 1045 i hadnt eaten since three and they hadnt eaten eiethr waiting for me. the girl ( a couchsurfer for, ger,any° made a very good vergarain mmeal then we slept, the next day i he went to work and she went out and then his roomate came home to find me a gril he never met sititng in his house, i think thta wuuld be so weird btu i guess that normal, we went out for lunch and i had duck and liver in a slad which were both very good actuly. we also later zent to some pub that has jam sessino s oliek a band who co,es toegetrh on the post anyone who wants to can it was so cool and eveyrone got so into it. its funyn to everyzhere the guys have the same lines, im a movie director and heard your american 5 yeqah yeah sure amercian the boys here arent quite as like the ro,ans but even walking around today its funny how they know im not french. one thing i dont like tho frnech is so hard to undertsand itailn is way hadrer then englsih but doable italians say eveyr letter so you can figure it out frnehc cut all the consonents. no s get said ever and :on: is awh so im not in lyon(leon) im in le awh! with a shqpr cut end its so hard to understand or learn. yesutday when we went out it strted to puour all of a sudden so hard the kind of rian i love if i dont have to walk around in the soggy clothes today is just liek eod,otn rain slow and constnat its funyn thoguh thers an ettiquite to umbrella walking as ,ost sidewalks arent that big evryeon just knos what to do one umbrella goes up one down one to the left on to the right and its never set. liek we walk on the right they just pick same with the kisses when greeting its not set but everyone knows its weird to here they kiss twice in lille its three ti,mes paris is four, im heqindg to ille next the holland to meet evan peetr alex etc. then back to france for paris toulous starsbourg etc. so im gonn e be spitling it up, i wne tot get a french cchoalte crousaunt and when i went to pay i dropped sedrick my little g,oe and he broke into two.... im a littme upset no dad this time to fix him but ilm sure ill work so,ehting out.... oh well ,y hours alsmot up. lovve eyou all and ,o, ill try to phone on saturday it deodns if the house i, staying has a ladline ,ost seem just to have cell phones its crazy thoguh how much they trust us i have a key to use cuz trhey work alot, they being that the guy i asked to stya with was only there a night no w hes in paris so hes said jsut sya my flatmate is there, he was funyn we wuld talk in engslih and both couclnt understadn eachother cuz he talked and undertdood english with the birtisth accent which i foudn funny so the ger,an grilwuold translqte for us, ok i digress byyyeee

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